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Reducing Link time
Posted by Yoni Davidson on 16 January 2018 01:38 PM

In certain cases, regular Visual Studio builds may perform better during the linking phase than builds executed with IncrediBuild. This is due to the way IncrediBuild generates and synchronizes multiple PDB and IDB files when exeecuting your build. 

Both of these files are created for each Agent used in the pool, whereas Visual Studio just generates one copy of each of these files. 


To check if this is the case, please try the following: 

  1. Try to disable PDB file creation just to check its influence on the link. 
    1. Selected "Configuration Properties > C/C++ > General > Debug Information Format" and hit DEL 
    2. Selected "Configuration Properties > Linker > Debugging> Generate Debug Info" set to No 
  2. With PDB On - Use /Debug:fastlink à Project Properties à Linker à Debugging à Generate Debug Info 
  3. USE linker switch /incremental  (Project Properties à Linker à General à Enable Incremental Linking) 
  4. Avoid the usage of  /LTCG and /GL  in properties c/c++ à Optimization à Whole Program Optimization. 
  5. Changing the debug information format to /Z7 might also help improve link times (properties c/c++ à Debug Information Format) 
  6. The overhead for linking projects through Project Dependencies is also quite high Setting a dependency via the Project Properties à Linker à Input 



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