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Post Build step can't find PDB files
Posted by Yoni Davidson on 16 January 2018 01:33 PM

IncrediBuild generates intermediary PDB files that go to the output folder as your build executes. These intermediary  files look like this: 

$(ProjectName)_ib_1.pdb, (ProjectName)_ib_2.pdb, and so on, until it finally generates the final output file  $(ProjectName).pdb file. In the case that there exists a post build step for the project, The final .PDB output file won't be generated until the post build step is complete. This can cause problems as the post build step may not be able to find the final .pdb file and the build will fail. 


The work around is to add a pre-compiled header file to the static lib projects. 

To do so. Follow these steps: 

  1. Add 1 .h file and 1 .cppfiles to your project. For example: header.cpp andheader.h. The header.cpp will be the one that will generate the pre-compiled header. 
  2. Right click on the static lib project -> C/C++ -> Precompile Header. In the "Precompile Header" section choose the "Use (/Yu)" and in the "precompile header file" below place the .h file that you have created (header.h)
  3. Right click on the header.cpp file -> C/C++ -> Precompile Header -> In the "precompile header" section choose the "Create (/Yc)"
  4. Make sure that every source file in this project includes this header file (header.h).


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