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C# build fails with error CS1616
Posted by Yoni Davidson on 16 January 2018 01:24 PM

Problem Description: 

IncrediBuild fails to execute both through the Visual Studio IDE and the command line, however standard Visual Studio builds execute fine. 


Possible causes: 


The warning is due to the fact that IncrediBuild adds the /delaysign argument to the C# build command. 

The /delaysign attribute conflicts with the AssemblyDelaySign attribute, therefore producing this warning. 


Delayed-signing is necessary for IncrediBuild because the program executable can be built on a remote Helper machine. The initiator's cryptographic subsystem that is required to assign the executable can't be virtualized onto the remote Helper machine. IncrediBuild uses the /delaysign command to notify the C# compiler that we will assign the executable later. Once the build completes IncrediBuild will then use the external assignment utility, "sn.exe," to assign the build executable to the Initiator machine. 



Because the CS1616 warning is insignificant to your build, you can suppress the warning by adding the integers 1616 to the "Suppress warnings" field via project's properties from the Build dropdown menu within the Visual Studio IDE. 

You may also search for the line which specifies the AssemblyDelaySign attribute and comment it out from your code. 


Please see for more information. 


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