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Coordinator minimum requirements
Posted by Yoni Davidson on 05 January 2018 10:10 AM

Generally an IncrediBuild Coordinator does not consume a lot of system resources, and there are two scenarios on how it can be set up: 

  1. Coordinator Only  A simple minimal VM would do  there is hardly requirements for disk space (200 250 MB should do for the entire installation). CPU can be configured to one or two cores, and memory allocation follows standard recommendation for Windows VMs  1 GB if set up on a 32bit OS or 2GB if set up on an x64 bit machine. The only performance concern should be that this machine is sitting in the same LAN as the agents, and not in some other location (like a vpn connected second office) since this will slightly increase latency and could cause delays in agent assignment. 
  2. Coordinator + Agent  in this scenario it is recommended to follow the minimum requirement for an agent: The more cores the better, memory could vary  but usually there is no need for more than (number of cpu cores)x.05 GB memory. Disk space that would be used would be around 4GB by default to support the file caching system. 
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