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Nintendo Switch tasks are using only limited amount of cores
Posted by Yoni Davidson on 02 February 2017 01:26 PM

Problem Description:

Nintendo Switch tasks will use only the core amount of the Initiator machine.
For example:
Local machine has 16 cores -> IncrediBuild will use only 16 cores. If the "Avoid task execution on local machine when possible" is set, the tasks will be distributed but only 16 cores will be used.


According to Nintendo, the number of tasks is controllable in the Visual Studio project property pages "C/C++->General". There is a "Max Compilations" field which defaults to $(NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS) which is probably defined to the local core amount.


According to Nintendo, they have a future task to automatically increase this value when they detect that IncrediBuild is in use.
Until this feature will be implemented by Nintendo, set the "Max Compilations" field to the total core amount of IncrediBuild grid.
This will allow much wider core usage.

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