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Moving the Coordinator to a new machine
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Yoni Davidson on 24 January 2019 12:37 PM

Below you will find a recommended procedure for moving the Coordinator to a new machine.

Please perform the following steps:

1. Still with your current Coordinator online, install an IncrediBuild Coordinator on the new machine.
2. On the old (current) Coordinator machine, please right-click on the IncrediBuild tray icon and open the Coordinator Monitor.
3. Mark all Agents, then right click and select "Set Registry Value."
4. Make sure that the "Value Category" is set to: BuildService
5. Under "Name" please write: CoordHost
6. Under "Data" please write: <the new Coordinator machine's name>
7. On the old (current) machine, open Coordinator Monitor -> Tools -> Coordinator Settings -> License -> General
* In versions 9.3 and below, there is no Tools menu and the path is: Coordinator Monitor -> View -> Coordinator Settings -> License -> General

8. click "Unload License."
9. Go to the new Coordinator machine, open the Coordinator Monitor, under the View tab click on Settings, then open the General page under the License folder.
10. click "Load License File..."
11. If you are using a backup Coordinator there is a need to reinstall it and configure it to use it with the new main Coordinator machine. Please refer to: Using a backup Coordinator chapter.

  • Please note that this procedure is valid for IncrediBuild v4.5 and above. For older versions, please contact IncrediBuild support.

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